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LIFEPO4 battery for Communication Base Station Backup Power

* Long Cycle Life
* Smart BMS
* Multiple Selections
* Low intermal resistance
* High Security
* Multiple Commnication Ports RS485, RS232, CAN
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Technical Features 

  1. ● High cycle life and deep cycle ability
  2. ≥5000 cycles@80% DOD @ (+25°C/+77°F).

  3. ● Intelligent monitoring
  4. The monitoring unit checks the charging and discharging current, voltage, battery surface temperature and ambient temperature automatically.

  5. ● Lightweight, high energy density standby power
  6. The BULLCUBE lithium ion batteries are the optimal energy storage solution where limited space and weight are important factors due to their excellent properties.

  7. ● Safety
  8. As BULLCUBE LiFePO4 batteries adopt the most advanced lithium iron technology, there is no risk of explosion and fire. It is designed for residential and commercial applications with absolute safety.

  9. ● Intelligent battery management system
  10. The battery system adopts a special BMS, high performance battery management module which is featured with voltage, current and temperature protection and a preferable communication between the battery system and the host.

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