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Healthy Employess,Excellent Enterprises-Table Tennis

Date:2021-11-10    Author:Sundopt

Today, employees in companies spend at least two thirds of their day in the workplace, with neck pain and back pain becoming a top concern for corporate employees. Work-related illnesses such as whiplash and insomnia have become a major concern for employees, with work-related stress and lack of exercise being the top health risk triggers. Studies have shown that long-term exercise can effectively improve these symptoms and allow employees to maintain a good mental state, reduce work fatigue, improve memory and concentration, enhance team interaction and communication, and boost creativity, thus greatly enhancing work efficiency.

And the physical and mental health of employees is a guarantee for achieving sustainable corporate development. Investing in the health of employees can also bring companies less absenteeism and sick leave, less labour costs, improve employee happiness and satisfaction, help build team culture and strengthen cohesion, and enhance corporate image and competitiveness.

Our company Sundopt focuses on the physical and mental health of its employees and holds sports competitions from time to time, such as table tennis, basketball, badminton and so on. Not only are there internal competitions, but there are also friendly matches with other companies. Through sports competitions can not only properly release work pressure, but also exercise the body. It enriches the cultural life of the staff after work and enables them to feel that the company cares for them.

From 2021-5-19 to 2021-5-26, a friendly table tennis match of the G30 team of Sundopt was carried out in eight days.The friendly tournament consisted of three stages, namely the elimination round, semi-final and grand final. After eight days of fierce competition, the final winner was a group of "dark horses", the engineer of plant lighting, the runner-up and the third runner-up were General manager Jason Li and Sales director Cameo Tan respectively. Of course the rest of us also had some "consolation prizes"

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